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Next Crypto meetup June 4th 2019, 19:00

Quantum Cryptography - From the basics of Quantum Mechanics to Secure Key Distribution

Christoph Hamsen

Quantum mechanics describes nature at the level of single particles. Its effects often defy our intuition and lead to "ridiculous" consequences. Recent advances have sparked novel technologies with implications for modern cryptography. In my talk, I will focus on the first quantum-cryptograpic protocol "BB84" which allows two parties to negotiate a provably secure private key by exchanging single photons known as quantum key distribution. I will introduce the physical basics, explain the working principle in detail and end with exciting developments and today's application via satelites.


Next time we meet at SSE (Se­cure Sys­tems En­gi­neer­ing), Mauerstr. 78-80.

The next meetup is a special Berlin Crypto meetup and not at our usual location at Mozilla Berlin.

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